Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Birds Nest, Maidstone, Kent

Luke Jordan  -  Feb 10, 2013  -  Comments Off on Chimney Birds Nest, Maidstone, Kent
Our customer knew there was an issue with their chimney as they had twigs and nest coming into their fireplace. We attended and completed a chimney sweep removing the nest. We then completed a CCTV inspection of the chimney to check that there would be no unseen blockages. The CCTV

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Double Inglenook, Maidstone

Luke Jordan  -  Jan 14, 2013  -  Comments Off on Double Inglenook, Maidstone
We swept this Inglenook in Maidstone, this used to be shared chimney so when we went to clean it we found there were two flues. We cleaned both chimneys leaving it ready for the customer to use. The swept was conducted whilst the house was having building work, we are

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Birds Nest, Tenterden

Luke Jordan  -  Jan 14, 2013  -  Comments Off on Birds Nest, Tenterden
When we swept this chimney in Tenterden we found there was a blockage in the chimney – we used our chimney CCTV inspection and found a large bird nest which appeared to be very established. Birds often return to nest and build their new nests on top of the last.

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Chimney Pot Repair, Tenterden

Luke Jordan  -  Jan 14, 2013  -  Comments Off on Chimney Pot Repair, Tenterden
When we swept the chimney at this pub in Tenterden and found out that the chimney was damaged around the pot and was at risk of falling. So Nice & Clean removed the pot and made it safe. The chimney was fully swept and a chimney sweep certificate was issued.

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Tenterden Chimney Sweep

Luke Jordan  -  Sep 20, 2012  -  Comments Off on Tenterden Chimney Sweep
This large open fire in Tenterden is used throughout the colder months, and as such needs to be swept regularly. The chimney sweep starts with placing sheets around the fireplace to stop soot from entering into the room.   The chimney is then thoroughly swept using brushes until the flue is thoroughly cleaned.

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Chimney Sweep Aylesford

Luke Jordan  -  Aug 21, 2012  -  Comments Off on Chimney Sweep Aylesford
This customer in Aylesford, Maidstone had three chimneys which they wanted to have swept. There was heavy soot build up in two of the chimneys and all three were thoroughly swept using brushes and our powerful vacuum. The external flue was swept and the soot collected and removed from the

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Chimney Sweeping Tenterden

Luke Jordan  -  Jun 25, 2012  -  Comments Off on Chimney Sweeping Tenterden
Peter found a suprise up this chimney in Tenterden when he dislodged an owl which had become disorientated and stuck up the chimney. The owl came down the chimney after being dislodged by the chimney brush and after being dusted off flew out into the orchard behind the house.  

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Woodburner in Staplehurst

Luke Jordan  -  Jun 08, 2012  -  Comments Off on Woodburner in Staplehurst
  This customer had their duel fuel burner installed last year and are having it swept for the first time. During the chimney sweep Nice & Clean Services removed all the soot and tar deposits from the flue. We were able to advise the client on the use of fuel

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Barming Chimney Sweeping

Luke Jordan  -  May 21, 2012  -  Comments Off on Barming Chimney Sweeping
  The Redstart Inn in Barming, Kent is a popular restaurant and pub which has a nice bar area and a welcoming feel. As part of this they have a lovely open fire which they keep alight all winter long. This requires a regular, thorough chimney sweep which we carried

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    "I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with my fly infestation!! Your chimney sweep came out to assess the situation and was really helpful. Thankfully the gas engineer found the source of the problem behind my gas fire and so I didn't need a chimney sweep after all. I will definitely use you again and recommend you to my friends because of your very helpful and professional service. Many thanks"
    Mrs Flaherty
    "Thank you for the excellent service you are currently providing. It’s good for us to know we have a company we can rely on."
    Diana, Commercial client in Maidstone
    "Thank you very much for the excellent job and we will certainly recommend you". 
    Sarah, Maidstone
    "I am on site now and everything looks good".
    MJ Squire, Managing Director of shopfitting company
    "Thanks for fitting us in before Christmas, and for removing the birds nest"
    Simon from Ashford.
    "They turned up on time and did a really great job, how refreshing."
    Nicola, Maidstone
    "Nice & Clean Services were about half the price of our usual rug cleaner but I have got to say the service was much better."
    Katie, Headcorn
    “You’re our chimney sweep now, see you next year!”
    Mr Jarrett, Tenterden
    “Thank you for the speedy sweep, didn’t think we would get anyone this late in the season, thanks for fitting us in.”
    Vanessa, Headcorn
    “Swept both my chimneys and despite not being done for a few years left no mess.”
    Abby, Loose, Maidstone
    “Thanks for the chimney sweep, and the advise on where to get new stove rope.”
    Simon, Coxheath